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The international consortium of the project Zero Waste Catering Lab in the period of 24 and
25.11. In 2022, he held the second project meeting in Rome. The main goal was to work out
further phases of work and specify the tasks of each partner in creating a Zero Waste
application that will connect catering facilities, local producers and guests in Croatia, Italy,
Slovenia and Belgium... continue


During the last week, the Slava Raškaj Center visited the Museum of Contemporary Art,
which is unique in this part of Europe.
It hosts various events, exhibitions and workshops.
We arranged a visit to see an exhibition that underlines the connection and purpose of
the use of various objects over time.
We met various artists and their exhibited works.
At the end of the visit, we had an iArt of recycling workshop. We made new useful items
from already old and used ones ready for waste.

During the last week, the students of the Slava Raškaj Center had a workshop in cooperation
with a member of the Zeleni klik association... Continue


This autumn,  we started with  our students  in  the practical application  o f things ready for
waste.  Through  a  social group  that  deals  with  sharing  various  things  called  Sharing  Is  
caring everything we need for workshops... Continue


"Leave NO ONE behind" is the topic of this year's World Food Day campaign.
This year's theme, as pointed out by the FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization), wants to encourage and raise awareness of the role of governments, civil society organizations, the private sector, science, but also every individual, so that they should strive for change that can positively affect better food production, better nutrition, a better environment and ultimately a better life.

David Pejić is a young innovative organic farmer who runs the oldest organic farm in Croatia with over 100 certified organic products. The development of the property is focused on energy self-sufficiency, research and innovation and the concept "From field to table". In addition to agriculture, the farm's production capacities include the processing of vegetables into different types of naturally fermented winter meats and bakery. All products are ecologically certified, without ingredients of animal origin and are made with masterful skill and passion of local employees. Zrno eco farm is also a place of numerous educations, trainings and professional consultations.

The students of the Slave Raškaj Centre are diligently conducting a survey among restaurateurs on how to procure necessary food from local municipalities.
The procurement methods are different, but....CONTINUE
During the summer, Centar za odgoj i obrazovanje Slave Raškaj Zagreb made a list of OPGs in Zagreb and Zagreb County. The OPGs were selected according to the location that suited us - i.e. those selected were at a smallest possible distance from the restaurants that would be included in our project.The OPGs were divided into groups based on the crops they grow (fruit and fruit products, vegetables and vegetable products, livestock and fodder, etc.).......CONTINUE
In the period from 15th May to 20th May 2022 started the first learning, teaching and training activity of the Zero Waste Catering Lab Project.
The first meeting of the project took place on 18th and 19th  February 2022.     

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