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___________________________________   Day 1   ________________________________
From 20th to 24th of March 2023 the LTT in Rome of the Zero Waste Catering Lab project was held which involved students and teachers of the Croatian and Slovenian schools involved in the project.
The LTT was organized by and by AEPER. On the first day, the participants visited a Zero Waste Certified Restaurant "Rosso Eat Drink Stay" where Marco Tarnani illustrated the Zero Waste policies implemented in his restaurant and the other quality procedures that allow the restaurant to provide an ever-better service.
Later, at the headquarters of AEPER, Dr. Anna Ruggeri spoke about the commitment of AEPER associated companies to reduce food waste.
With a short walk in the midst of the wonders of Rome, the group moved to the "Gelateria Pica" where, in addition to enjoying an excellent ice cream, they were able to learn about the Zero Waste policies implemented in a traditional Ice Creamery.
___________________________________   Day 2  ___________________________________  
On the second day of LTT activities of the Zero Waste Catering LAB project, our delegation visited the "Fare Turismo" fair at the European University of Rome.
The students participated in a guidance workshop held in English especially for them and organized in collaboration with the European University of Rome.
During the visit, the delegation also met Dr. Dario Del Buono of AEPER who spoke about the Zero Waste policies combined with the protection of typicality within the tourism offer.
The whole delegation then visited the SKAL International Rome corner and met the Rome President Luigi Sciarra and the Italian President Tito Livio Mongelli.
___________________________________   Day 3  ___________________________________  
During the third day of the LTT activities of the Zero Waste Catering LAB project, the students visited some certified establishments: "Da Milvio" bakery and "Il Gelatone" artisan ice cream laboratory.
In addition to the quality procedures, teachers and pupils particularly appreciated the pizza and ice cream that were kindly offered!
___________________________________    Day 4  ___________________________________  
On this day, Agrocamera, the special company of the Rome Chamber of Commerce dedicated to the development of agriculture and the enhancement of typical products, hosted students, teachers and managers of Galileo and AEPER.
Dr. Silvia Paolini, an expert agronomist, welcomed the participants with a broad illustration of the activities of Agrocamera, the policies put in place to promote typicality and also the new projects including the HORIZON SWITCH project.
The day ended with a “pizza experience”. In the certified "Zero Waste" Pizza Forum restaurant.
The students and teachers first saw how an authentic Neapolitan pizza is prepared with natural ingredients and how some residues are recovered by frying the dough "little angels" and then each of them prepared, with the help of the pizza maker, his own pizza which they then ate with taste!
___________________________________   Day 5  ___________________________________  
The works of the LTT in Rome ended with a seminar in which Tito Livio Mongelli illustrated to students and teachers the project website and the project platform created to improve the collaboration between farmers, restaurants, ice creameries and customers.
Francesco Gatti, owner of the Hotel, spoke about the Zero Waste activities of “The Building” Hotel which hosted the seminar.
At the end of the event all the diplomas of participation were delivered.

We present the Croatian team that has been travelling to Rome in Italy since 19.03.2023.-25.03.2023 as part of the Zero waste catering lab project. We had our last meeting yesterday and we finished all the preparations. We look forward to getting a number of new ideas and exchanging examples of good practice in Rome.
Luka Milas Presentation - Slave Raškaj Zagreb
Branko Huskić Presentation - Slave Raškaj Zagreb
Branko Huskić Presentation - Slave Raškaj Zagreb
Petar Pali Presentation - Slave Raškaj Zagreb

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