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Zero-Waste Culinary Magic:
A Workshop by Boštjan Bezgovšek at SIC Alme M. Karlin, Celje
In an inspiring event hosted in February 2024 at SIC Alme M. Karlin in Celje, the renowned Boštjan Bezgovšek led an enlightening workshop titled "Delicious Healthy Meals Prepared Without Waste." This workshop, crafted with meticulous care, aimed to revolutionize the way we perceive and handle food waste.
Participants, hailing from the esteemed Žalec Farmers' Women's Association in Žalec, embarked on a culinary journey like no other. Under the expert guidance of Bezgovšek, they delved into the art of minimizing kitchen waste, transforming what one might consider scraps into delightful and nutritious culinary creations.
The workshop shed light on practical and straightforward strategies to significantly cut down on food waste in the kitchen. Attendees discovered the secrets of crafting diverse and wholesome meals, all while adopting a sustainable approach to cooking that respects our planet's resources.
Through hands-on experiences, engaging demonstrations, and valuable insights, participants learned not just how to reduce waste, but also how to infuse sustainability and mindfulness into their everyday cooking practices. This workshop wasn't merely a cooking class; it was a transformative experience that encouraged participants to rethink their relationship with food, fostering a culture of sustainability and conscious consumption.

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Zero Waste Catering LAB | 2021-1- HR01-KA220-VET-000025338
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