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During our project meeting in Rome on 24 and 25 November 2022, our partners participated in a presentation hosted by the
building hotel in Via Montebello 126, in Rome.
The owner, Dr. Francesco Gatti, and the Chef, Andrea Cossalter, illustrated to the partners the structure and all the Zero
Waste procedures implemented every day in Hotel and Restaurant.
First Dr. Gatti illustrated the enormous energy savings applied in the Hotel because all the systems were designed with the
purpose of reducing waste of energy.
The Chef illustrated the different ways of making the menu based on theseasonality and proximity of the raw materials and
ingredients. All the partners were very happy to visit the pastry laboratory of the Hotel: all the sweet products and breakfast
products are produced directly within the structure, greatly reducing expenditure, reducing waste (as what is consumed is
produced) and limiting the environmental impact also considering the savings related to the packaging.

The visit ended with the institutional toast and the tasting of the delights from the hotel's pastry shop.

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