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The international consortium of the project Zero Waste Catering Lab in the period of 24 and 25.11. In 2022, he held the second
project meeting in Rome. The main goal was to work out further phases of work and specify the tasks of each partner in
creating a Zero Waste application that will connect catering facilities, local producers and guests in Croatia, Italy,
Slovenia and Belgium.
Considering that the recording of the video recipes will take place in January 2023 in Zagreb, the partners of the involved
schools and the Poster organization had a lot of work related to preparatory tasks and agreements, so that everything would
be ready on time. The recipes are already being practiced by students from partner schools in Zagreb and Celje.
And the third project result Zero Waste e-book is progressing in the making. Thus, after the presentation of the graphic
proposal of the e-book, which was prepared by partner Galileo it. partners agreed on further activities.
The beautiful views of Rome and the rich cultural program further enriched this very successful project meeting!

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Zero Waste Catering LAB | 2021-1- HR01-KA220-VET-000025338
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