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During the last week, the students of the Slava Raškaj Center had a workshop in cooperation with a member of the Zeleni klik association.

About 20 students participated in the workshop and they were very satisfied with the workshop because they learned a lot and were surprised by the progress of some cities in the green direction of sustainability.
That's how we learned how cities use the cascades of their buildings or the roofs of e.g. supermarkets to grow vegetable crops.

After that, the students were divided into groups with the task of identifying the seeds of various plant crops.
At the end of the workshop, the students also planted several types of seeds in large jars and learned which plants help each other protect against pests and insects and help each other in development and growth - that's how we got a Polycultural garden.

Now all we have to do is follow their growth and taste some of the fruit.

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