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This autumn, we started with our students in the practical application of things ready for waste.
Through a social group that deals with sharing various things called Sharing Is caring everything we need for workshops
  1. Reduction of waste and recycling i
  2. Reduction of Co2 emissions by planting plants.
In this way, we got a sofa set and an armchair for the Living Room for students in our school through the engagement of our new psychologist Sara Pavlic.
We also received flower seedlings from our colleague Prof. Sinkovic and the mentioned group, which we planted in little things ready for waste - chipped cups and flower jars, torn handbags and hats, shells and stones, remnants of ribbons and lace,...
A volunteer from Germany, Anni Lenni, joined the workshop.
The result delighted us all..

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Zero Waste Catering LAB | 2021-1- HR01-KA220-VET-000025338
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