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on this page you can choose from Zero Waste certified restaurants. You can get in touch with them to order your meal.
OAZA Joyful Kitchen
100% vegan restaurant for those who dare to try something different.

Divlje vode
In our rich offer, we have dishes made from domestic chicken, turkey, veal, beef and various seasonal vegetables - potatoes, beets, beans, radicchio, tomatoes, peppers...

Filteray is a small specialty coffee shop focused on filling your home and life with efficiency, aesthetics and optimism.
We function as a dual concept that combines a coffee shop on the one hand, and a zero waste & refill shop on the other.
The coffee shop has fine coffee, plant-based milk made by us, delicious plant-based snacks, and several refreshing drinks such as our homemade soda, several types of kombucha, and refreshing Garden Brewery beer.

Gajbica is a place where simple, healthy, fresh and extremely tasty meals are prepared for everyone, they understand how important a healthy and balanced diet is, especially nowadays. The offer of fast and low-quality food has saturated the market. In Gajbica, different food is offered, and prepared in a different way. In our offer, we have homemade chuspajza for which we use local seasonal vegetables (leeks, green beans, peas, rusks, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli...), chicken, homemade bacon and sausages. We also have vegetable hot drinks made from different seasonal vegetables.

Kata Gluten Free, 100 % glutenfree
Production and sale of bakery and confectionery products 100% GLUTEN FREE. Sale of healthy dishes made from seasonal vegetables, nuts, seeds (flax, sesame), butter, cheese...

Bistro “Kod Vukušića”
We offer dishes of traditional Dalmatian cuisine and a large daily selection of fresh Adriatic fish.
We use fresh seasonal vegetables from local OPGs and fresh fish from our Adriatic sea, as well as local veal and beef.
PUNKT street food & drinks
The basic ingredients we use in our restaurant are:
VEGETABLES - fresh seasonal vegetables
CEREALS - for your varied diet, we choose high-quality cereals from domestic producers, we try to choose whole grains because they best maintain a high level of energy throughout the day
FATS - we use only high-quality fats for our dishes. We choose cold-pressed unrefined oils according to the season and availability, and we also use butter (ghee).
MEAT - we purchase meat from verified sources, fresh and exclusively of Croatian origin
SEA SALT - coarse BIO without iodate and additives addition to that, we also use spices that are warming, and at the same time stimulate the body's defense mechanisms and digestion.
Ognjište Šuman
The menu we offer is a perfect selection of healthy meals that can satisfy everyone's taste. There are also daily meals for people who want something different, but traditional.
Our menu consists of domestic chicken, eggs, veal, lamb and seasonal vegetables.

Roots juice& coctail bar
We are determined to be as environmentally friendly as possible, use fresh and local ingredients, low prices and high quality, to make you feel more than welcome in our little bar. We are determined to be the best juice and cocktail bar in Zagreb. We offer freshly squeezed juices from apple, pear, ginger, lime, orange, pineapple, grapefruit, as well as other seasonal local fruits.

Slastičarnica M&M
We offer smoothies and natural juices from different seasonal fruits. We offer cakes and cookies, as well as vegan and gluten-free sweet and savory dishes.

Kulen, turkey, veal, pork, fish, seasonal vegetables

We offer healthy vegan food. Our menu is composed of various vegan foods such as seasonal vegetables (cabbage, pickles, tomatoes and lettuce), seeds (chickpeas, quinoa, broad beans, buckwheat, millet), almonds, dates, cashews and wheat protein.

Seasonal vegetables, olives, mushrooms, olive oil, potatoes.

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