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You are a responsible customer:
on this page you can choose from Zero Waste certified restaurants. You can get in touch with them to order your meal.
LIMBO is a family-run pizzeria that has been renowned for its excellent pizzas and varied culinary offer for almost 30 years. In addition to delicious food, they also offer a pleasant ambience for all occasions - from everyday brunch to catering for large private parties. In addition to pizzas, they also offer an excellent barbecue menu, seafood dishes, superb salad plates, a variety of pasta dishes and Mexican food. They are also well-known for their fast and reliable delivery.
Galerija okusov is a top restaurant near Celje.They offer top modern cuisine with respect for tradition, have their own wine bar, prepare weddings, organise business lunches, catering, private events and develop conference tourism at a high level. Taste, authenticity and sincerity are important to them. They work closely with local suppliers. They are aware of the importance of preserving the environment and are proud to have adopted the Green Key environmental certification, a prestigious standard of excellence that commits them to adhering to strict criteria in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation.
Since 1895, the Francl Restaurant has been passing on tradition and tradition from generation to generation. The team is young and enthusiastic. They rely on authentic hospitality and local flavours. The rich tradition of Slovenian cuisine inspires them, while the chefs add a modern touch. They offer carefully selected local as well as international wines. They work closely with local producers.
The Nova Rajngla restaurant is located next to the Preserje Ponds. The new owner took it over in times that were not easy for the catering industry. They remain faithful to tradition, but offer it in a modern way. They are best known for their fish dishes, but also have a wide range of other dishes. Their offer is also wide-ranging: the park by the ponds is a great place for picnics, and they organise weddings, various events and family celebrations, providing a great culinary experience and a relaxed atmosphere in a homely atmosphere. They are closely linked to local producers. They have a wide range of seasonal products.
Petra Zlatoper has dedicated her entire career to the hotel, catering and tourism industry. She has been a manager of several hotels, but now she has fulfilled her ambition to offer a slightly different culinary service within her company. She prepares corporate, themed and picnic banquets, culinary team buildings and bakes homemade cakes and pies. As a chef, she also comes to her customer’s homes, when they  have guests and need a hand in the kitchen. She prepares healthy meal preps or stores for the winter for her customers. For personal or business banquets, you can choose from a variety of culinary stories, such as an Ancient Roman feast, a lavish Greek dinner, dishes made by celebrity recipes, etc She is committed to nature, sustainable and connected to local suppliers,
Špica is the club pizzeria and café of the Celje Kayak Club. Its idyllic location on the Savinja River, along a picturesque walking path, has made it a popular meeting point for young and old. It offers a wide selection of pizzas, Mexican food, fast food and à la carte dishes. You'll also be delighted by the Hvastja brand of pastries. You can organise business and private meetings and celebrations here. They also deliver food to your home.

Lalu bistro is a small gourmet bistro in an attractive location in the centre of Celje. A relaxed, youthful, modern bistro with an original food offer that is a fusion of all styles, with a creative design, but relaxed and without restrictions to a certain type of food. The bistro is a place where everything good, seasonal and inspired can be served, whether Asian, French, Slovenian or Italian.
Marko Pavčnik, owner and creative director, chef Damjan Čulk and bar manager Matic Krivec.
There are many measures to reduce waste in a restaurant: thoughtful portioning of food, thoughtful menu composition, thoughtful use of nose-to-tail ingredients, reuse where possible, filtering of tap water for guests and in-house production of mineral water with a suitable device, etc. Above all, waste is reduced by careful handling, so that ingredients are properly stored and, if necessary, treated to prevent damage and waste before the guest is even served.

Pavus Restaurant is located in the idyllic Tabor Castle in Laško. The ingredients for their exquisite culinary experiences are sourced from local food producers, or they go for a walk in the nearby forest, where they use the fruits of the forest and the bounty of nature to create creations that beat the ordinary. Nature is their inspiration.
There are many measures to reduce waste in a restaurant. One of these is thoughtful menu planning and the use of 'nose to tail' ingredients. For example, if the main course is a fillet of fish, we can expect some 'waste' from the whole fish, but we can use it wisely. Bones, skins, heads can be used to make a stock, trimmings can be used to make a homemade fish pate and this can be used in another dish. The same applies to meat. Bones can be used to make soup, stock or sauce, trimmings can be used to make pâté or, for example, confit, terrine, etc. Vegetables can also be used in many ways to reduce waste. Certain things that would otherwise be thrown away, such as excess bread, can be put back into use. In the restaurant, we offer tap water and use our own glass containers to reduce glass waste.

The Krpan restaurant offers a wide range of excellent food, from traditional Slovenian cuisine to the flavours of the Austro-Hungarian tradition, to the tastes of the sea and distant continents.
They are committed to quality and the Slovenian origin of their ingredients. They also offer excellent Slovenian wines and homemade sweets.
The Krpan restaurant is very committed to zero waste. Their story is one of passion for reducing waste. They work with sustainable suppliers, reduce waste at source, promote the reuse of packaging and ensure proper recycling. Their aim is to have a positive impact on the planet and promote sustainable lifestyles.

All year round, Domestic Assistance can bring lunch to your home, including diet lunches (gastric, biliary or diabetic diets). Lunch is delivered every day between 11 am and 2 pm. You can order lunch all days of the week, or just on certain days (of your choice).
If you meet one of these conditions, you are eligible for social care at home:
  • over 65 years of age who, because of old age or the phenomena that accompany old age, are not able to live fully independently,
  • people with a disability status under the Act on Social Protection of Mentally and Physically Handicapped Persons, who, according to the assessment of the competent commission, are not able to live independently, if the nature and degree of your disability make it possible to receive occasional care at home,
  • other disabled persons with disabilities who are recognised as having the right to foreign assistance and care for the performance of most of the functions of life,
  • chronically ill people and people with long-term health impairments who do not have recognised disability status but who, in the opinion of the competent social work centre, are incapable of living independently without the assistance of another person, seriously ill children or children with a severe physical disability or a severe or profound mental disability who are not included in organised forms of care.

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