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You are a restaurateur:
on this page you can choose from a list of eco-friendly packaging manufacturers.
You can get in touch with them to order your packaging.

Alfera works for the Hotel Supplies sector: it designs, creates and distributes Courtesy Kits, Amenities, Complements and Accessories for Hotels, Gadgets and Corporate Gifts, all eco-friendly and Made in Italy.
It chooses organic, vegetable and certified raw materials, natural cosmetics, regenerated packaging, sustainable and 100% safe recyclable complements

Minimoimpact markets ecological products for catering such as biodegradable and compostable eco-tableware, take-away plates, pizza plates or take-away plates made of cellulose pulp, PLA, or palm leaf, forks, spoons, knives, teaspoons, toothpicks , chopsticks and much more.
The materials used are mainly PLA or wood and in any case ecological.
Minimo Impatto products can be completely customizable. Cellulose pulp plates, cutlery KITS, napkins, placemats, ice cream cups, take-away containers, etc.

Ecostoviglie markets ecological products for catering.
It was born from the intention of providing sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions in the disposable tableware sector so as to be able to create an event, a party or simply a dinner in harmony with the Planet. Our products respect the environment and contribute to sustainable development first and foremost, due to the materials used which range from corn starch, sugar cane, wood, bamboo, palm bark, cardboard and cardboard to other recycled or recyclable as well as products compliant with regulations. Most of the eco-sustainable dishes line is made up of biodegradable and compostable tableware, while the biodegradable and compostable cutlery is made of bioplastic (such as Mater-Bi or CPLA) or wood.


It produces food packaging in DelipacĀ© cardboard, designed to be used as packaging suitable for direct contact with food. The special water-based coating makes it extraordinarily resistant to oil and grease. Furthermore, it is completely recyclable, compostable and biodegradable. It can be frozen and/or heated in the microwave, maintaining its characteristics unchanged. Create customized food packaging perfect for takeaway and street food, but also for packaging food to be frozen or reheated.

Manufactures takeaway food containers designed to contain, transport, protect, preserve and present food. Manufactured to be durable and easy to transport.
Depending on the final use, it creates containers that have anti-grease, waterproof or heat-retaining properties, all with an eye to respect for the environment.
It also makes eco-friendly disposable tableware made from 100% natural resources. It produces disposable PLA tableware in corn starch, cardboard, wood, sugar cane, palm leaf, wheat bran, bamboo, Wasara tableware and compostable tableware.

Company specialized in the production of biodegradable and compostable bioplastics, which offers solutions to specific environmental problems and promotes sustainable consumption and behaviour. Novamont's collaboration with other Italian companies has created an Italian compostable food packaging supply chain. It offers an integrated solution for the flexible packaging of biodegradable and made in Italy foods that responds to the growing demand for packaging with a lower environmental impact and which is unrivaled on the world market in terms of performance and characteristics.
The flexible film with which food packaging is made has technical characteristics similar to the solutions currently adopted but can, once used, be used for waste collection and be sent for subsequent industrial composting.

It aims not only to improve the performance of the packaging it produces, but also to make all product lines increasingly eco-sustainable, while maintaining high conservation capabilities.
All the materials produced can be recycled either all together in paper and cardboard, or, to be truly eco-friendly, paper and film can be separated to recover each component of the packaging.

It produces packaging for the HoReCa sector by selecting raw materials in harmony with a conscious and respectful management of natural resources but also attentive to energy saving.
The products are made with eco-sustainable materials that guarantee a reduced environmental impact along the entire supply chain, starting from the production line up to disposal.
The materials used are cellulose pulp, PLA, Mater-bi, bamboo.

The ECO&FOOD Team, a business unit of Lic Packaging Spa dedicated to packaging for direct contact with food, among the various solutions proposed, has designed and created a line dedicated to food delivery compatible with the demands of the market and its customers and to satisfy as well as their needs.
In this regard, various structures have been conceived and designed suitable for containing different types of food such as burgers, complete menus, sushi and sashimi, tartare, ready-made salads, bowls and desserts or ice cream which can be personalized with high quality prints with food inks safe, recyclable and compostable.
All the packaging in the Eco&Food Delivery line is made of HT BOARDĀ®, a revolutionary material according to nature, designed to contain food in direct contact with pure cellulose papers from certified forests which guarantee hygiene and food safety and at the same time offer multifunctional and truly sustainable for the environment.

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