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Welcome to you who have a green conscience and who care about safeguarding our planet starting from the most elementary choices.
This page is designed for people like you who want to know how the product that arrives on the table was produced, collected and processed because these choices make the difference.
We are trying to set in motion a virtuous circle that will do everyone good!
Join us!

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If you are a customer, on this page, you can order your favorite dish cooked in sustainable restaurants, which buy raw materials only from local farmers and who aim to reduce the carbon footprint of their dishes to zero.

If you are a restaurateur who wants to improve the green impact of their business, on this page, you can find local ZW farmers who want to sell their organic products at zero kilometers but, you can also become part of the Zero Waste family by certifying  your company and accepting orders from people who appreciate the green turning point of your company and the Zero Waste philosophy.

If you are a local farmer, on this page, you can become part of the Zero Waste family and get in touch with local restaurants interested in buying your zero waste / sustainable products.

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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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